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Forming a consensus and being wholeheartedly Millennial. 

CHURCH OF THE MILLENNIALS is a New York-based theater company built around the idea of forming a consensus and being wholeheartedly Millennial. Church is an effective place for inspiration and magic. As creator-performers, we employ fragments of cultural imagery in bizarre and abstract pastiches to present the present.
As part of Makers Lab at Ars Nova, we are currently developing our new work virgin.
Church recently premiered the third installment and finale of their AMERIKA! Series. AMERIKA! Episode 1 premiered in Upstart Festival at Brooklyn Arts Exchange, AMERIKA! Episode 2 premiered at Ars Nova in ANT Fest, and AMERIKA! Episode 3 premiered at IRT in the 3B Residency Series. As a company, they have presented original work at The Wild Project, Porterspace, Woods Cooperative, and the Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts. Church has collaborated with Erwin Wurm on One Minute Sculptures (Lehmann Maupin Gallery) and with Marcel Zaes on Landscape 1 – 3 (Residency 108). Its members were Creative Production Associates on Geoff Sobelle’s HOME (Brooklyn Academy of Music, Next Wave Festival). Church is currently a 2018 Makers Lab Resident.
Church of the Millennials forms a group of youngsters dedicated to the here and Now.
Sometimes, it seems simpler to go on your own. We don't exist alone on this earth so it seems a shame to make theater that way.
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